Photo Restoration

Let me fix those old photos that are scratched, water damaged, or torn.  I can bring back your precious memories using the same money back guarantee that I offer for my photo shoots:  If you are not 100% happy with your restoration, you pay nothing.

The process is similar to my photo shoot process.  You either mail me your photos, or email them already scanned (at least at 600 DPI) and I will restore the images and place them into a secure Proofs folder. where you can review them online.  Select the photos you want, pay your outstanding bill, and I will then transfer the full size images into your Download folder, where you can download the images.

Sample Restorations


Scanning your image up an 8x10:  $5.00  per image.  Not charged if you have already scanned the image.

Simple restoration: spots, dirt, scrapes, etc:  $10.00 per image

Medium restoration: mold, tape, very small tears, etc: $20.00 per image

Complex restoration: tears, portions of the image missing, etc: $30.00 per image

If you want, I can provide a quote prior to starting the work.  Simply email me the photos and I will generate a custom quote for the repairs.  If you don't have them in a digital format, just take a quick picture of them with your camera phone and email them to me.  I just need to see what I will be working with.