Help Me!

I am sorry if you are having problems accessing your photos.  There is nothing more important to me as your Photographer than to allow you to enjoy your photographs.

All photos for paid photo shoots are stored in the Client Gallery.  You MUST have an account to get into the Client Gallery.  If you don't already have an account, please go to the Client Login and Register.  I will be notified you have registered and I can grant you access to your Proofs gallery.  To select the photos you would like from the Proofs gallery, simply select the photo and add a comment.  Feel free to take you time and show other family members and friends before making your choice.  If you would like to discuss any of the proofs, please call me.

Once you select the photos you want from the Proofs, I will retouch them and place them in to your Download gallery so you may download them.  You will be notified your photos are completed with an email.  

I can not grant you access to the Download folder until you have paid in full.

I don't see my photos in the Client Gallery!

  1. Make sure you are logged in with your Client account by going to the Client Login page.
  2. If you don't have an account, create one on the Client Login page and I will be notified so that I can assign your account to the proper photo Gallery.


I can't download my photos!

  1. Inside your Photo Folder under the Client Gallery will be two Galleries: Proofs, and Downloads.  Once you have selected your proofs, I will retouch the photos and place them into a folder call Download.  You may download your selected images in full size in the Download gallery.


All of my photos have faint writing on them!

  1. Correct.  Photos in the proof gallery are not downloadable and have a faint watermark on them.  After you pick the proofs you want with your package, I will retouch the originals and place them in the Download gallery without a watermark.  You will be able to download the original retouched photos at that time.


Call me if you are still having a problem.  I will resolve the issue ASAP.